Friday, December 20, 2013

The wicked Side of Hamburg

From lovely to naughty... I think that pretty much sums it up! Hamburg is a fabulous city, no doubts, a very diverse city of many different shades.
I finally had the feeling to have found a New York substitute... well, at least when it comes to trash, graffiti and sticker mania. Welcome to the Kiez, fellas!
Hamburg does not only have wonderfully lovely neighborhoods with adorned houses, ancient bridges and romantic water roads which you could see in my last Hamburg posts.
Nope, this city seems to be so much more than that... I eventually discovered the Brooklyn/Bronx equivalent of Germany's second biggest city!
Surrounded by colorful graffitis, trashy shops and crazy stickers I felt a little more home. You all know how much I adore crazy art, I'm totally into all kinds of street art so these sprayed art pieces and glowing bridges all made my heart beat a little faster. Enjoy my shots of some lovely corners in Hamburg and the notorious Kiez aka St. Pauli and its surroundings!

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