Sunday, December 1, 2013

Voilà Mademoiselle!

A big hello to the world out there! I am back!
I'm pretty sure you were all wondering where my blog went :-D With all the school stress I had recently (and my wonderful vaca in between) I totally forgot to renew my blog's domain, oops! Shame on me, I'm not good with these things. I simply didn't see the lovely mail Google sent me telling me to renew my account. It took me a few weeks to figure out how to renew it until a lovely lady named Diana, from the Google support center, called me today, with whom I could figure out how to renew my domain and thus get my website back. A twenty minute call to the USA, that's gonna be an insane bill this month ;-) Thank you, Diana, you saved Holly Loves Paul!
Sooo, what's been going on the last few weeks? I'm still a student, Christmas is close, and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place (this year without me)!
I am back in Germany by now but will keep posting about Mallorca, just for the fun of it... and because I still have so many more pictures of my awesome vaca that I couldn't post while my blog was inactive.
Have a look at this wonderful store I discovered in Soller, its name "Mademoiselle" is a perfect choice, isn't it?

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