Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's a freakin' hot Day

Hey hey guys, today's post is... surprise, an outfit post! Today you get to see nothing but me, how is that?
You all know I'm not thaaat much into outfit posts since I'm a travel slash art slash photography blogger, or whatever you wanna call it. However, fashion can be found on my blog quite often and I decided to do some more outfit posts in the future. 
This is one of them, showing me, as you can see, having a random photo session on the rooftop.
I have bought that vest (yes, fake fur) at H&M when I lived in New York City and have always loved it since then. I thought it would be fun to climb a roof wearing a fur vest on a freaking hot day, not a good idea, after the shoot I was dying for ice cream! However, I like this outfit, you might have noticed that I dress pretty casual most of the time, as it is the case here. Some denim shorts (love those from Pull&Bear!), a basic crop top, some casual boots and red lipstick to pimp the whole look - that's my style... enjoy the pics ;-)

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