Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lost in Creation

Dear creative minds, this post is dedicated to you! I have spotted this fabulous abandoned theatre in Alcúdia randomly when I was driving by and just saw its awesome graffitis from the outside when I thought 'Hey, that must be a fantastic photo shoot location', thus I decided to go back and check it out. And hell yea, I did find some incredible graffitis! When entering the huge building I first felt a little unsafe facing the enormous ruins and abandoned stage (you never knew if your next step might be last one), which only increased my admiration for this place! Once a wonderfully elegant theatre where concerts and famous shows took place, the building now turned into a street artist's paradise!
You all know I'm a huge art fan - architecture, street art, museums, exhibitions, paintings, sculptures, graffitis... anything extraordinary, unusual in poppin' colors will magically draw my attention! 
So here is the outcome of an extremely fun, creative and adrenaline-loaded shoot - lost in amazement, lost in creation... welcome to Es Foguero Palace!

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