Monday, July 7, 2014

Feeling urban

Hey hey fellas, hope you're all doing well! I just wrote my second exam, what a relief! Believe me, IT is tough, learning HTML codes and CSS stylesheets for website design is not the funnest thing to do in your free time. One more exam and another project to go and soon the second semester is over! I can't believe it's July - where did this year's first 6 months go?
Just two more weeks and I'll be back on my beloved island Mallorca. But first I'm heading home, I haven't seen my parents in a while so I'm excited to celebrate the end of my second term with my family before taking a vaca. I'm originally from a small town located between Münster and Dortmund and moved to the north of Germany to study in Kiel, which is like 4 hours away from where my fam lives.
Since I live so close to the fabulous city of Hamburg now, I'm checking it out once in a while to explore the metropolis a little. During one of my trips I found this awesome place called "Gängeviertel" - streetart, graffitis, sculptures - totally my thing! I can get completely lost in these kind of places and spend hours there!
Maybe you remember the fabulous 5Pointz in Queens, New York, one of the most famous graffiti meccas. They shut it down last year and whitewashed the graffitis, pure cruelty! I'm still recovering from these news. Back then, when I visited 5Pointz in 2013 I spent hours there taking photos of all the incredibly creative graffitis, you can check it out here!
There's nothing like 5Pointz but this cool place in Hamburg is getting there! You can also find loads of unique graffitis in the "Schanzenviertel", apparently one of Hamburg's hipster hoods, where I took some cool photos as well.
Enjoy the pics ;-)


  1. Die Fotos sind ja wirklich richtig toll! Da würde ich mich auch mal gerne umsehen!


  2. LOVE all of these photos and your blog! Can't wait to read more about your travels! Following :).

  3. Definitely cool pics, I agree :) xx Maja

  4. I'm so jelly that you can find so many cool places to shoot!

  5. Such a cool environment! It's so bright and vibrant, love it! (Also, love your necklace!)

  6. These pictures are AMAZING!

    I'm hosting a bikini voucher giveaway on my blog - you should stop by!


  7. Good luck for your final exam and project! I'm also learning HTML at work and it's not easy but such a satisfying skill to have and very useful for us both for our own blogs.

    I always enjoy looking at the vibrant and interesting shots you manage to take of the places you visit, you make Germany look so cool! My friend recently moved to Berlin so I hope to be finally visiting Deutschland soon.

    Enjoy your vaca!

    Sarah xxx

    Smaz Says

  8. Amazing pictures and so interesting.

  9. cool place Laura!!!
    Hamburg seems a nice place!But you are wearing long sleeves on the it cold?
    kisses dear!!!!! hope everything is going well!!

    1. Oh it def is a cool place, but you know... Germany gets pretty cold once in a while, haha! Miss you, girl, see you soon on Mallorca! Kisses

  10. Hey, cool, dass du in Kiel studierst! :D Ich arbeite ganz in der Nähe der Uni und bin in der Mittagspause häufiger mal in der Campus Suite ... vielleicht läuft man sich ja mal über den Weg. =)

    Ich bin viel zu selten in Hamburg, obwohl ich die Stadt total mag und sie ja wirklich um die Ecke liegt. Im Gängelviertel war ich tatsächlich noch nie, werde es mir aber merken! :-)

    LG, Sabrina


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