Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Graffiti Mecca

You most likely all know that I'm a passionate graffiti photographer/lover hence I just had to check out 5Pointz, an outdoor art space in Long Island City, Queens.
Let me tell you this, the factory building considered as the “graffiti Mecca” simply blew my mind. I totally got lost in all the colorful pieces on the walls that aerosol artists from across the world painted. Visitors can expect breathtaking graffitis in stunning colors with all kinds of details, as well as artists, photographers and filmmakers soaking in the admirable murals.
5Pointz (signifying the five boroughs coming together as one) is not only the center of attention for graffiti lovers but also a fantastic scenery for art loving bloggers like me. Just had to take my new "Comme des Fuckdown" beanie there, such a perfect match, isn't it?

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