Monday, February 2, 2015

The Style Question

Hello my lovely readers, today's post is all about fashion again. And a very important question... what's my style?
You know, when I was 14 or so I always wanted to wear pearls, Burberry scarfs and Lacoste shirts just like Charlotte York from Sex and the City. However, I never quite developed a distinct "Laura style". Sometimes I am chic and elegant in fancy dresses, other days I look a little boho, or I just dress like a girl that jumped out of a hip hop video. Fashion is fun! You see I have a lot of different styles and can never really decide which one fits me best so I just try a little bit of everything, haha!
A while ago I found this awesome fake fur coat at TK Maxx and fell in love, doesn't it remind you a little of Cruella De Vil's coat? I couldn't wait to put it on and see how to combine it with the rest of my wardrobe. I hope you like this mix of a casual Brooklyn tee, the classy fur and leather leggings combined with a beanie and ankle boots. I think it's a perfect New Yorker style, I would totally wear it on Brooklyn's streets. So what do you think? xoxo


  1. Your a bit like me. I can't say that I have one style.. I like to be different, but I don't like to be the centre of attentions, so i try not to wear sometime that people would stare.. anyways, the important is that we feel happy and confortable in our shoes! :)

  2. Good post dear ! I am following you and you can also follow me please :)))

  3. i like that your style is trying a little bit of everything
    this look is gorgeous, love the jacket

  4. Such a fun look. Love the Brooklyn sweatshirt... represent!

    I'd love it if you could also come check out my blog! Maybe we could follow each other? xx

  5. Ach, das mit dem Stil ist doch so eine Sache. So lange man jung ist soll man sich doch auch noch austoben und ausprobieren. Das mit dem eigenen Stil kommt dann sicherlich von ganz alleine. ;)

    Dankeschön für deine lieben Worte zu den Winterfotos. :)
    Manchmal ist das mit der Zeit eben so eine Sache. Da ich selbstständig bin, bleibt halt auch nicht immer so viel für den Blog übrig.

  6. Love coat

  7. Great post!


  8. you are amazing, beautiful blog, pictures, outfits, and what you write.. i just have to follow you! :)

  9. you look gorgeous!
    I've moved country! find out where at
    lots of love! xoxoxo

  10. love this outfit! the shoes are dope! :)

  11. In love with your super amazing photos! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Awesome! Love the coat and totally nice photo's! Awesome post! :)

  13. Great look lovely, very nice fur jacket you look gorgeous! xo

  14. awesome style !

    I design header for bloggers :) Maybe I can design your new one :)

    just mail me

  15. wow you looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! love it

  16. Danke für deinen lieben Kommi! :))
    Sehr schönes Outfit! :DD

    Ich mach gerade eine Sprachreise in BCN! :D Muss mein Spanisch verbessern um die Prüfung in der Uni erfolgreich zu meistern. Haha

    Liebe GRüße, Ly
    City Talk

  17. Love your edgy style!

    x Mieke

    Check out my latest post:

  18. Amazing furry coat!!

  19. Wow wow wow your outfit is just amazing ! The fur coat is perfect ! Love it so much !

    Kiss my dear ! Yuyu

  20. You are right, you'll fit right in, I am always up for a good sweatshirts, yours is very cool!

  21. nice jacket

  22. Great this look!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo


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