Monday, February 2, 2015

The Style Question

Hello my lovely readers, today's post is all about fashion again. And a very important question... what's my style?
You know, when I was 14 or so I always wanted to wear pearls, Burberry scarfs and Lacoste shirts just like Charlotte York from Sex and the City. However, I never quite developed a distinct "Laura style". Sometimes I am chic and elegant in fancy dresses, other days I look a little boho, or I just dress like a girl that jumped out of a hip hop video. Fashion is fun! You see I have a lot of different styles and can never really decide which one fits me best so I just try a little bit of everything, haha!
A while ago I found this awesome fake fur coat at TK Maxx and fell in love, doesn't it remind you a little of Cruella De Vil's coat? I couldn't wait to put it on and see how to combine it with the rest of my wardrobe. I hope you like this mix of a casual Brooklyn tee, the classy fur and leather leggings combined with a beanie and ankle boots. I think it's a perfect New Yorker style, I would totally wear it on Brooklyn's streets. So what do you think? xoxo

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