Thursday, January 29, 2015

Photo Blast from the Past - Atlantic City

Hey fellas, in case you were wondering... no, I'm not on vacation again, well, not yet! Today's post is a throwback - a photo blast from the past so to say. Since I didn't have the chance yet to shoot some new pics for you, I decided to check on pics I prepared for my blog but didn't post yet. So today you get to see some snapshots of my trip to Atlantic City in New Jersey in April 2013. At the beginning of 2013 I went back to NYC for a couple weeks and my friends and I decided to spend a weekend in Atlantic City, the East Coast's Las Vegas.
We had such a fantastic time in Jersey, we tried our best gambling and even won two dollars, haha! The city was pretty quiet since we visited off season and just a couple months after hurricane Sandy destroyed some parts of the East Coast. So we pretty much had the hotels for ourselves as well as the casinos.  I felt like I was in a huge amusement park, most of the buildings look so fake :-D
If you ever get to check out Atlantic City, make sure to stop by the Trump Taj Mahal. The fab hotel Revel and its night club HQ, where we took the casino and outdoor pool pics, are unfortunately closed by now. Anyway, hope you like the pics ;-)

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