Thursday, May 28, 2015

Puerto Portals and Mood Beach Club

Hi there, everyone! Sorry, I know I'm late with the new post. I got back to Germany a few days ago and haven't really settled down yet. My boyfriend came to visit me for a week which was awesome, plus university keeps me really busy these days. Gotta read a 600 page public relations book, ugh! In addition to that we had to shoot an entire weekend for a trash trailer project in our compositing class.
So here I am, back with some Mallorca photos of my trip to Portals Nous in March. I wanted to checked out this lovely town and its harbor, Puerto Portals, cause I've never been there and heard a lot of great stuff about it. So my boyfriend was so nice to take me on a wonderful trip, haha.
Puerto Portals is pretty small compared to Alcúdia's harbor, where my boyfriend and I live. However, it's very charming, quiet in spring, plus classy and cozy at the same time. You'll find a lot of exclusive shops there, cute cafés and ice cream places, and an amazing restaurant/club/bar called Mood Beach Club.
The place had just opened when we arrived but the staff was so nice to let us in and gave us an exclusive tour of the club. Since we were early the kitchen was still closed but I'm sure they serve amazing food and drinks accompanied by live piano or chill out music. You can decide whether you're gonna take a seat right next to the ocean inside of the restaurant or have a sip of wine or champagne by the pool. Too bad we got to see this place in March when it was still a little chilly. It's surely a fabulous summer spot!
Check out their website here or visit their Facebook page (click here) for more pics and events ;-)
Hope you like the pics, xoxo


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