Friday, May 1, 2015

Cuba Diary - Back to Havana

Hey guys, before heading to Mallorca on Monday I wanted to finish my Cuba series, so I'm posting some pics of our last stop on Cuba before posting about Mallorca and Germany again.

We started and ended our incredible vacation in Havana, Cuba's capital. Since we didn't have any other cities in mind that we wanted to see, we decided to go back to Havana three days before we left for Spain. We actually wanted to see more of Cuba but didn't have time to travel much further and see all parts of the island - well, we've seen eight different places, so I was really proud of us, haha. 
Havana meant it well with us the last few days, we found a pretty, sunlit room with an amazing view of the city, perfectly located in Havana Vieja, close to all the sights, restaurants and tourist stuff. We arrived at Havana around 3pm and after looking for a room to rent and relaxing a little, we took a nice afternoon walk. We bought some fruit and bread for the next day, but couldn't really eat anything that night because we both had some stomach problems. However, we had to try some really good looking churros, haha. Enjoy the pics ;-) xo

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