Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Movie Park Adventure

Hello there, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful start of the week!
I'm home by now, enjoying my free time with my family after all the stress with the exams and projects the last couple weeks. Anyway, I passed everything and am ready to fully enjoy my vacation until the next semester starts in October!
Today you get to see some pics of our trip to Movie Park Germany, where we celebrated my sister's birthday a few days ago. My dad and sisters love this theme park, my mom is not the biggest fan, but the four of us usually go once a year. We are always excited for the rollercoaster rides, my sister Nina and I also enjoy the American feeling since we really miss our life in the States. The Movie Park and US streets look much alike, everything in the park reminds me of California or New York. You can find American candy, fast food, other US products and cartoons everywhere! You know I'm a big fan of popping colors so that's a plus for the park too, haha.
Hope you like the pics of our trip, xoxo

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