Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cover Story

Hey there, I'm still alive! Didn't really have much time the last couple weeks to update my blog, sorry for that! I was pretty much studying all day, every day. But hey, exams are done! And since my sis and I couldn't wait to escape we took the next train home to spend two weeks with my family. They rarely get to see us because we spend most of our free time on Mallorca. So we had to promise to come over for a few days before heading to Mallorca where we're gonna stay until October.

Today you get to see some pics of my last photo shoot. It was a very special shooting for me since I was going to be the cover girl for a city magazine called KielerLeben. People living in Northern Germany, especially in Kiel, may now the magazine. The editor asked me if I wanted to model for them and of course I had to say yes - my first cover! I'm pretty proud of the pics! The shooting was really fun, the photographer Ines Matz-Boomgaarden did a great job and so did the magazine's editor Kerstin Klostermann in picking outfits with me. I also want to thank Maria Kallweit who did a great job styling me. We shot the cover in a park and some more studio photos in different outfits for an "About the Cover Girl" page. I especially loved the floral jumper I was wearing but also liked the white summer dress and the third outfit. We picked the outfits at Küstenmädchen in Kiel a day before the shoot, a cute store that really suprised me. They have such nice summer clothes, I wanted to try and buy literally everything! I also added some backstage photos for you and some pics of the fitting and the magazine.  
I hope you like the photos and outfits as much as I do! xoxo

Te see the full article or check out the magazines Facebook page click here ;-)
Portrait Covermodel


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