Monday, August 17, 2015

Urban Look

Hello there, something strange is happening - it's been raining on Mallorca for three days now! We're not used to used to typical German weather here on the island. It's grey, cloudy, raining, and the beaches are empty... an unusual sight here on Mallorca. So I'm pretty much sitting at home, working on my blog most of the time and going out with my boyfriend to at least get some fresh air every day. Yesterday we went to the beach for an hour until it started raining again. I feel bad for the tourists who only stay a few days on the island, however, I don't really care about the rain since I have more than a month left on the island.
So today you get to see some street art pics and a casual outfit. The grey tank top, leather shorts and Converse make a perfect look for some urban pics. There are a few awesome graffitis in Alcúdia, colorful and creative, just how I like it! 
Hope you like the photos and let's hope this rain's gonna go away!

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