Monday, August 24, 2015

Alcúdia Old Town

Hey guys,  how are you all doing? I'm super excited because Yasemin, my best friend I met in New York City almost five years ago will come to Mallorca tomorrow and stay with us for a week, now how awesome is that? Since she studies in the Netherlands we barely get to see each other so I'm super happy that she's gonna come visit us on our beloved island.
Today's post is about Alcúdia's old town, a very lovely and authentic place, perfect for a relaxing coffee, shopping and sightseeing. Next to the more modern harbor Port d'Alcúdia, where I live with my boyfriend and where most of the tourists spend their time at the beach, there's the old village of Alcúdia - cozy, quiet, traditional. My boyfriend and I took a stroll the other day and had some yummy ice cream at Yuki's Snow Cream, went to Capritx, a shop that sells beautiful dresses and accessoires, and walked down the ancient wall that surrounds Alcúdia and attracts many tourists. Check out the pics of the afternoon we spent in my boyfriend's hometown, xo

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