Monday, September 21, 2015

The Nature Reserve of Son Real

Hello there, sorry for being so aloof lately, it's been a pretty busy end of summer for me. As you can see on my Instagram account I'm exploring new places on Mallorca almost every day, my boyfriend also took me to Menorca, another Balearic island where we had a great time with some friends. In addition to that I had a few shootings the last couple weeks so don't be mad that I didn't post for a while ;-) I have so many posts pending - photos of my favorite beach bars, our Menorca trip, different beaches and a special post about our night at Tito's Club in Palma. 
I'll be leaving Mallorca this week, boohoo, but will continue posting about my beloved island since I didn't have much time for my blog here. 
So how's everything? Are you having a great end of summer, did you start university or working, do you feel the fall season yet in your country? 
I really don't wanna leave Mallorca, I've had such a great summer with my boyfriend and friends, BUT duty calls, university starts the first week of October so I gotta go back to Germany. However, the next trip is already booked, I'm taking my sister to London in October, her birthday present. So do you have any tips where we should go, what to see and do in London? Leave a comment if you know some places ;-)
So what's today's post about? Son Real is one of many untouched places on Mallorca where you can explore archeological sites, take a relaxing walk or just chill at the beach. My boyfriend and I started our hike at the Finca Son Real, a beautiful old estate surrounded by olive trees, wide fields, and animals such as pigs, sheep and peacocks. From there you can decide between three different routes to get to the beach and nature reserve of Son Real. The trail leads you through a vast yet well preserved landscape, here starts the relaxation. Once we got to the nature reserve we explored the different archeological sites such as an ancient necropolis, and had a lovely picnic at the beach. You can also take a dip in the crystal clear water or even decide to explore the area on horseback. Since Son Serra de Marina is an almost abandoned, calm and non-touristy place that lets you travel back in time, it's definitely worth a visit! Hope you like the photos, more coming soon!

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