Monday, February 29, 2016

The beautiful Cala Figuera

Hey you, today I'm leaving you a post about our trip to a beautiful place called Cala Figuera. Last weekend my boyfriend and I explored this very charming town on Mallorca's south coast. It's a pretty small village with just a few caf├ęs and restaurants, some hotels and vacation houses and its' jewel - the romantic harbor. I simply love discovering such pretty places with my boyfriend during winter when the island is quiet and almost abandoned. Sightseeing without any tourists is so much more fun! We took a long walk around the harbor, through the center and also down the coast where Cala Figuera ends in the open sea. Of course, I had to take millions of pics, Cala Figuera is just such a picturesque place! I hope you like them :-)
Since I'm going to Costa Rica the day after tomorrow you won't hear from me in a while on this blog, but I'll try to keep posting pics on my Instagram and Facebook page. So stay tuned and have a wonderful week, xo

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