Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Wonderland House

Hello there, people! My first week on Mallorca is over and I feel like I have done more things the last few days than the entire last month in Germany, haha. I simply love exploring the island in winter, it's so calm and abandoned. That's when you get to discover unique places like this one. I saw photos of this beautiful country house on Instagram and just had to see it myself. So my boyfriend and I went to Campanet, which is not far from where we live to check out the place. It took us almost half an hour until we finally found it but once we arrived it was just magical - someone turned his or her house into a wonderland. It reminded me a lot of the Park G├╝ell in Barcelona because of the mosaic and shape. The house is just beautiful, a Mallorquin finca with several terraces, balconies and a huge garden. Unfortunately I don't know who the house belongs to, it seems abandoned during the winter months. But you can walk through the garden, there's no fence or anything alike, instead there's a sign that says: Welcome friends! I love people who turn their creative ideas into real art pieces. And if it covers the whole property even better, welcome to what I call the wonderland house!

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