Sunday, October 9, 2016

One day on Menorca

Hey there, hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! Today I have a new post for you with lots of photos of our trip to Menorca. We started our second day with a trip to the island's capital, Mahón. I love that city, we spent a few hours there walking around, admiring the huge natural harbor and the beautiful buildings and having some ice cream. The city was built up higher in the mountains so you have a stunning view of the harbor and the surroundings from any street.

However, it was so hot that day that we didn't wanna stay in the city so our friend from Menorca took us to a wonderful abandoned beach, Cala Pregonda. You have to walk about half an hour from where you can park the car but it's totally worth it. The landscape is just amazing with red soil and rocks in the crystal clear water. I loved that place, there were less than twenty persons with us at the beach and it was so incredibly quiet and relaxing. This spot is for sure a must see when you visit Menorca. Hope you like the photos, have a wonderful weekend!

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