Saturday, December 3, 2016

Life Update

Hey guys, sorry for being so MIA over the last few weeks. I'm still in Germany doing a bit of life organisation. As I already told you in my last post my sister and I are getting ready to move to Mallorca so we've got to empty our apartment and talk to professors about our last projects and the thesis. We are still in the middle of a project, developing a social media strategy for a club on Mallorca, so we're pretty busy writing every day.
My boyfriend was also here for a couple of days and I really loved having him with me. We went to see some Christmas markets and relaxed at home because we both have a lot going on lately. In addition to that my sister and I are heading to London on Tuesday with our friend Paula which I'm really excited about. After London I'll spend a few more days in Germany and then I'll finally go back to Mallorca for two weeks. I won't stay there too long because I'll spend Christmas with my family like every year. As you can see I got a whole lotta things to do which makes me wanna escape to some tropical country, haha. It's a lot right now but I'm also excited about this new move. Finishing university, getting rid of old stuff, leaving my apartment and Germany to start a new chapter in my life feels great.
I didn't forget about my blog though so make sure to stop by once in a while, I'll be back soon with new posts about London and Mallorca. Until then, feel free to follow Holly Loves Paul on Instagram or Facebook :-) Lots of kisses

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