Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Back to London

Hey there, everyone! I'm finally back with a new post. Sorry for the delay but I've had a pretty exciting week. Last Tuesday I got to London with my friend Paula and my sister also joined us the next day. We spent three wonderful days in the city and had such a great time. On Friday I got back to Germany and stayed there for another three days because my boyfriend's family came over to visit me. I took them to Hamburg and L├╝beck and they really enjoyed seeing the Christmas markets and German cities. Since Monday I'm back on Mallorca so now I have more time to relax and focus on my projects for school and also on my blog.
Today's post is the first one of three London posts. Since we stayed in the city for three days I thought it would be easiest to tell you what we did every day, you know, like a city guide or something. I already wrote some posts about this awesome city last year, check them out here. I simply adore London, it's my European New York and I always love coming back and breathing some big city life.
This time we didn't stay at a friend's place but at the Dover Castle Hostel. It's a perfect place for backpackers and low budget travelers. The hostel is located in Borough so it's just a ten minute walk to London Bridge or Southbank and only two minutes to the Borough underground station. We booked three beds in a 12 bed dorm but switched rooms after the first night because it was just too loud in the first dorm. There was a pub right under it and sleeping in a room with 12 people can be quite stressful. The next day we had a really quiet bedroom on the third floor where we didn't hear any noises of the pub and on our last night we slept in a 8 bed dorm which was also ok.
We got to London quite early on Tuesday morning and were totally exhausted from the flight and getting up so early but wanted to do some sightseeing because my friend Paula's never been to London, so went for a looong walk. First we checked out our area a little and then headed from Borough market to the Globe Theatre. Over there we crossed the Millenium Bridge to see St. Paul's Cathedral. Later we crossed the Thames again to walk down to Southbank. There was a really nice book market there and food trucks and street art which I loved. From there we walked down to the London Eye and crossed the Westminster Bridge to check out Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

After visiting the Houses of Parliament we headed to Buckingham Palace. At 4 pm it already got dark so we decided to rest a little. We took a walk through Green Park and explored the area around New Bond Street a little. I loved that street, one luxury store next to the other with beautiful Christmas shop windows, almost like in New York. I couldn't stop taking photos of all the glamorous bags, shoes and jewelry. I felt like walking down Fifth Avenue again admiring all the Christmas windows of the most famous designers like Gucci, Chanel and Dior. Of course we also stopped by the Victoria's Secret store, for me it's a must do when you're in London because it's the only bigger European Victoria's Secret store. Well, I hope you like the photos and that they make you dream a little, xo

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