Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hard Rock Cafe Mallorca - World Burger Tour

Hello my lovely readers, I know it's been a while. Sorry for not posting the last couple of weeks, I went a little crazy because of my bachelor thesis and didn't have time for anything else, literally!
However, I just finished my thesis three days ago and can finally enjoy my new life on Mallorca.
I wanted to publish today's post a while ago but didn't have time because of my studies. It's all about food, cocktails and bloggers. About three weeks ago I got invited to the Hard Rock Cafe in Palma to try their yummy cocktails and new burgers they created for the World Burger Tour 2017. Me and eleven more bloggers from Mallorca and Germany spent a fun morning at the restaurant creating the famous Hard Rock Cafe cocktails with a barkeeper who showed us how to mix them. After taking over the bar and mixing some coktails we were invited to taste four different hamburgers which were all delicious. Let's say it was a different breakfast, haha. We tried the Toro Burger from Spain, the Greek Burger from Greece, the Tennessee BBQ Burger from the USA and the Argentinian Tango Salsa Burger served with some yummy fries. I couldn't try them all because it was a little too much but I really liked the USA burger, You can go try the burgers yourself at the Hard Rock Cafe in Palma until the 30th of June.
I had such a great time catching up with some bloggers I already knew before and meeting new ones. It's always nice to connect with other bloggers. Thank you Hard Rock Cafe for this tasty, unique event!

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