Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sa Calobra

Hey there, did you all have a great week? Mine was pretty exciting. I worked, went to Palma with my friends, celebrated my four year anniversay with my boyfriend and interviewed an amazingly talented artist yesterday for Look Mallorca, the magazine I'm also working for. I'm surely not getting bored on this island. Today I finally found some time to publish a new post for you guys.
You know I'm always showing you the most beautiful and exciting things to do on Mallorca, just like I did when I lived in New York City. So today I take you to Sa Calobra, an impressive spot hidden in the mountains of Mallorca. We went there a few weeks ago with our friends from Germany who we met in Costa Rica last year. They're both very adventurous so I thought this was a great place for them. I have been to Sa Calobra many times and always loved it. You have to pass a tunnel to get to the rocky beach and the stunning canyon that is called Torrent de Pareis. My boyfriend and I once did a five-hour hiking tour through the canyon, it was surely one of the most awesome things we've done on this island. This time we didn't go hiking but explored the area a little and had a Mediterranean picnic at the beach. Unfortunately it was still too cold to go swimming back then but the water looked incredible. After spending a few hours in Sa Calobra we went for some ice cream in Fornalutx, a tiny but charming mountain village and also had a coffee in the beautiful town of Soller.
Hope you like these photos, have a great weekend!

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