Monday, October 23, 2017

Cafe Parisien in Artà

Happy Monday, everyone! Did you all have a great start of the week?
Today I have a new Mallorca tip for you. Two weeks ago my friend Mariella and I went to Artà on our free day to do some exploring. I have already been to this charming town before with my boyfriend. Last time I saw this cute café there called Cafe Parisien before we headed home and I always wanted to come back to check it out. So Mariella and I went for a walk through the town and decided to have lunch at the café.
The café is just lovely, the vintage furniture and details such as french phrases written on the walls give you such a cozy feeling. Both the interior and the outdoor patio are decorated with such attention to detail that it's hard to pick a seat, there are just too many pretty corners! For lunch we chose a table outside and ordered a thai dish called pad thai and risotto with pumpkin and shrimps. I was honestly a little disappointed by the meals. They weren't bad but not outstanding either. Some flavor was missing, unfortunately they sounded much better on the menu than they actually tasted. However, what we tried after totally made up for it. We went inside where it was less crowded and ordered a curcuma and beetroot latte which I have never tried before. I always love trying new food trends so it's surely a great plus that Cafe Parisien offers these drinks because so far I haven't found them elsewhere on the island. When we tried the drinks I was totally suprised by how much the pink latte tasted like beetroot! It's surely a flavor you have to get used to but I kinda liked it. The curcuma latte was tasty too, a little spicier and more bitter, it reminded me more of a chai latte which I love! So if you're ever in Artà you definitely have to stop by Cafe Parisien, not only to see their pretty decor but also to try their new creations!

Check out Cafe Parisien on Facebook (Cafe Parisien) and Instagram (@cafeparisien) to see more photos!

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