Friday, October 13, 2017

Summer Shoot with Teddy Marks

Hello there, hope you all had a fabulous week! I know it's fall season now in most of the countries you're from but since I have moved to Spain in April I am living an endless summer. On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to the beach for a swim which makes it hard to believe that it's October already. Looking at these pics fall seems even farther away.
Today you finally get to see the result of my summer shooting with the talented Teddy Marks. Teddy is a fun, creative photographer from Germany who visited Mallorca in August for some shootings. We spent an entire day taking photos with our friend Soravit, also a really talented photographer, at a beautiful country house close to the little town of Santa Maria del Camí. We shot loads of pics by the pool, in the house and the garden... by the end of the day I was done, haha. I had such a great time with these two and love the outcome. Teddy sent me these pics a few days ago and I couldn't wait to share them with you! Let me know if you like them. One thing: it's getting wet ;-)

Feel free to check out Teddy's work here:
Facebook: Teddy Marks Photography

All the photos are protected by copyright, pictures can only be used with prior consent. 
It is strictly forbidden to use the pictures for commercial reasons.

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