Thursday, December 13, 2018

Exploring Salamanca

Hello there, everyone! How's your week going? Mine has been quite turbulent due to some changes at work, but hey, everything happens for a reason and there are always good things to come. 
I finally have a bit more time now to focus more on my blog again and post some pics of my 2018 travels. I'm not gonna be able to publish them all before Christmas though, so the posts are not gonna be in a chronological order but you guys hopefully don't mind. It was simply impossible for me to publish them at the right moment so I hope you understand.


Today's post is about my trip to Salamanca in June. My family and I visited the family of my sister's boyfriend in Nuñomoral, a lovely little village in the middle of some lush mountains in Spain's Extremadura. We had a wonderful, fun weekend at his hometown and also went on a day trip to Salamanca. It's a beautiful medium-sized town in the northwest of Spain that is famous for its stunning cathedral, the lively Plaza Mayor and its great university. We spent an entire day there exploring the narrow alleys, having lunch and coffee, meeting more family members of my sister's boyfriend and admiring the city from above from the rooftop of its cathedral. Since it was more a relaxed family trip I can't really give you any great sightseeing tips because we just strolled around and enjoyed being all together in a new city. However, you should definitely go up the cathedral if you're not afraid of heights. The views are so worth it! I hope you like the pics and wish you a wonderful rest of the week.

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