Thursday, December 20, 2018

Weekend in Milan

Happy Thursday, the weekend is near! This year 2018 I have used most of my weekends to either relax and go on adventures with friends here on Mallorca or to travel to new places in Europe. In October I spent an express weekend in Milan and another one in Vienna. I also travelled to London in November (post coming soon). Today I'll tell you a bit about how we spent our weekend in Milan, so keep reading!

Express Weekend in Milan

My boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend and I got to Milan quite late on a Friday night and since our hotel was located a bit out of town we didn't spend any time in the city center that night. My sister had booked us a room at Neo Hotel, a modern and stylish hotel about 15 minutes from the city. We were very happy with our room and the great breakfast buffet they had. On Saturday, our first day, we just basically walked around to explore the city. Of course we stopped by the Duomo, Milan's most popular sight, and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which is right next to it. I have to admit, both were very pretty to look at but didn't impress me too much. I travel a lot and have seen many bigger and more beautiful cathedrals, for example the ones in Palma de Mallorca or Cologne, so the Duomo didn't really blow my mind. In general, Milan didn't impress me as much as other European cities like Paris or London. Maybe it's because I didn't spend enough time there or didn't see the coolest spots.

Anyway, after doing some sightseeing we had a very yummy and fresh pizza at Rosso Pomodoro. Can't leave Italy without having some pizza, right? After lunch we continued walking to the Navigli canals where we had some heavenly artisan gelato. I chose mango and coconut, such a delicious combo! I liked the neighborhood around the Navigli canals more than the city centre, there were more small shops, cafés and lots of non-tourists out on the streets. Later we just headed back to our hotel and had some dinner around there. By the way, the metro is a great and cheap way to get around Milan!

On our second day we visited the neighborhood of Brera which has a more authentic feel and hosted a vintage market that Sunday. It was a bit cloudy that day but I'm sure Brera is even more beautiful on a sunny day with all its colorful buildings and narrow alleys. Later we headed back to the city centre and went to Macha Café, a must do for me as a matcha lover! Bloggers like Chiara Ferragni come here for their matcha latte and vegan meals. The café offers a range of delicious matcha drinks and dishes, I wish we had one on Mallorca! I ordered a classic matcha latte and vegan cheesecake, both very yummy and healthy. Our flight was in the afternoon so unfortunately we didn't have much time for anything else. After a cozy hour at the Macha Café we had one last tasty pizza and went back to the airport. Even though we spent such a short amount of time in Milan I felt like I had seen enough of the city. Like I said before, you can surely do lots more other cool things there but in my opinion we had spent our weekend in Milan perfectly.

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