Thursday, December 5, 2019

Morocco Diary - The Blue Pearl

Hello there, everyone. I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday! I'm already back with a new Morocco post, the second one about our stay in the beautiful town of Chefchaouen. By the way, did you know the city is also called the Blue Pearl? Such an adequate name in my opinion, Chefchaouen really is a gem and stood out from all the cities we visited in Morocco.

Breakfast in Chefchaouen

We were very lucky, both days that we spent in Chefchaouen were sunny and quite warm. On our second day we went for a morning walk through the town. Chefchaouen is one of the most photogenic cities I've ever seen. Every little corner is so beautiful. The blue houses, stairs and doors, the shops, even the cats are photogenic :D We were also lucky with the crowds, I read that Chefchaouen can become quite packed with tourists but we barely met any so it felt like we had the whole city for ourselves. 

After our morning walk we headed for breakfast at a lovely café I looked up beforehand on Tripadvisor. I had read some good reviews about Cafe Clock on Tripadvisor but was blown away by how good their food really was! They offer delicious breakfast at a great price. For only 40 dirhams (more or less 4€) you can choose between scrambled eggs with bread, yummy pancakes or yogurt with fruit. All come with hot coffee or Moroccan tea and fresh orange juice.

I opted for the pancakes and they were honestly the best pancakes I have ever tried. Topped with lots of fresh fruit and delicious caramel sauce these fluffy pancakes were a real morning treat. In addition to that, Cafe Clock has some cozy corners, both inside and outside on their roof terrace where you can spend a relaxed moment enjoying their tasty food.

After finishing our breakfast we had to go back to our hotel already because that's where our private driver picked us up. Our kind host had organized a private transfer to Fez the night before and we couldn't have been happier with it. Our driver Monsef from California Travel was very kind, open and helpful. We had a big, comfortable van for the eight of us. It took us about 4 and a half hours to get from Chefchaouen to Fez. We stopped several times along the way to eat lunch, enjoy the views from the road or buy some delicious pomegranates. Side note, pomegranates are super cheap and sooo insanely good in Morocco. You will find them at any local market, private vendors along the road and in touristic places. Their seeds are so big, juicy and simply delicious. Make sure to try them when you visit Morocco!

I added some photos of our road trip at the end of this post, a new one about our time in Fez is coming up soon. Have a lovely day, everyone!

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