Monday, December 2, 2019

Morocco Diary - Exploring Chefchaouen

Hello my dear readers, I hope you're all having a wonderful start of the week. Can you believe it's December yet? Time flies... I know I always say that :D But when checking my blog I become even more aware of it. I get so caught up in life that I don't have (or make) any time to post here regularly and all of a sudden months have passed without any new post. My apologies! Today I finally have some new pics and travel tips for you guys. I just got back from Morocco a few days ago and really wanted to share some of my travel experiences with you guys. So here we go!

First of all I have to say that thanks to its very diverse landscapes, its rich history, lively culture and kind people, Morocco became one of my favorite countriesEven though we toured the country for only eight days we had the chance to visit so many different spots I fell in love with. From enchanting little towns to maze-like medinas, colorful souks, vast steppes, snowy mountains and not to forget the colorful, endless dunes of the Sahara desert, I loved each and every part of Morroco! The country simply has a very unique beauty and so much to offer.

How to get from Tangier to Chefchaouen and where to stay

My sisters, boyfriend and I toured Morocco with a few more friends for eight days in total. We started our trip in Tangier, located in the northwest of Morocco, where my boyfriend and I met up with my younger sister and her boyfriend. We didn't leave the airport but exchanged money and took a shared taxi directly from Tangier to Chefchaouen where we would meet up with my other sister, her boyfriend and two more friends. It's quite easy to get a taxi there as the airport of Tangier is very small and there are some taxis waiting directly in front of it, you can't miss them. We paid for the whole trip to Chefchaouen (about three hours) 700 dirham which is only about 70€, very cheap for such a long trip. 

The taxi left us right at our aparthotel called Résidence Chaouina d'hote. We were very happy with our stay at this place. We had two full apartments for eight people both consisting of two bedrooms, a private bathroom, a living room and kitchen. Everything was super clean, comfortable and the host was the nicest person. He was very helpful with everything and even arranged a private transport to Fez (our next stop) for the whole group at a very good price. 

Exploring Chefchaouen

After dropping our luggage at the hotel and changing we went for lunch near the Kasbah and walked the alleys of Chefchaouen's old town marvelling at all the tiny shops and blue houses. Chefchaouen is a truly magical place and was also my favorite city in the whole country! It feels quite unreal wandering the old town, it's like walking through a postcard. All the houses are painted blue, there are beautiful details on all doors and walls or steps and everyone is very quiet and nice to you. Chefchaouen also offers many cafés and restaurants, most located near the Kasbah, which makes it a perfect place to spend a full day or two. 

In the afternoon we went up a mountain to see the sunset over the city from a building called the Spanish Mosque. We never actually made it all the way to the top as we took a detour and it got a bit late but we enjoyed an amazing sunset with scenic views from the mountains on our way to the Spanish Mosque. Less tourists and equally stunning views, a big win! The blue houses look magical when the sun sets over them. Furthermore, Chefchaouen is surrounded by mountains which create an even more beautiful setting. 

Back down in the old town we wandered the alleys a bit more, visited a few shops and grabbed dinner to take home. It was freezing cold at night so we decided to stay in that day. If you should plan on visiting Chefchaouen in November make sure to bring a winter coat, warm shoes, a scarf and hat. 

That's all for now, within the next few days I will publish another post about our second day in Chefchoauen with a great restaurant tip, so stay tuned!

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