Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Cala Pi - One of Mallorca's most beautiful Coves

Hello there, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your summer to the fullest. I simply adore this season, especially because I live on this beautiful island called Mallorca. Simple things like being able to go for a swim every day, having a beach picnic with friends or some yummy ice cream after work make me feel so alive and as if I'm on vacation all the time. I'm very much looking forward to August too because my little sister and mommy are coming to visit. Can't wait to take them to the beach and cook together, have cocktails on our terrace and chat and laugh. This is summer for me!

Cala Pi in Llucmajor

Today you get to discover a new place with me, one of my new favorite spots on the island, the stunning Cala Pi. This charming cove is located near Llucmajor, about a 20 minute drive from Palma. A few days ago my friends Melli, Alina and I went to explore this lovely place and we immediately fell in love with Cala Pi. It looks like a perfect Mediterranean postcard. Hidden between impressive rocks and lush greenery this cove wows with turquoise, crystal clear water and amazing coastal views. Before heading down to the beach you should walk around a bit and soak in the natural beauty of this place and also take some photos. There is a quite Instagram-famous viewpoint from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the cove. Even though we came here at the beginning of July the beach was fortunately not crowded at all. There is lots of space and also some shade from surrounding pine trees. I'm so happy they didn't exploit this place or build any huge hotels around the cove. It's all quiet, natural and simply beautiful. So whenever you come to Mallorca, make sure to stop by this cove. It's totally worth a visit, even if it's just for a beautiful photo, haha.

Once in this area, you should also stop at the lighthouse of Cap Blanc,  which you can see in the last three photos. It's only a five-minute drive away from Cala Pi and I couldn't recommend this visit enough! It's a stunning, wild place with no one around. Huge impressive rocks plunge into the Mediterranean Sea here. Far reaching views and uninhabited, dry land. This magical place really makes you feel tiny. As if you've reached the end of the world. I will definitely come back here someday to enjoy the sunset with my boyfriend or friends!

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