Friday, May 8, 2020

Alaró Castle

Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a great Friday despite the difficult situation! My boyfriend and I went out for a long walk by the sea this morning which was sooo relaxing yet energizing. Since last Saturday we're allowed to go out for a few hours in the morning and evening here in Spain and let me tell you, it gives me such a sense of freedom just to be allowed to leave the house for a while every day. It frees my mind and makes me feel like all this comes to an end bit by bit. We won't get back to 'normal' life until June at least but you slowly start to notice a bit of freedom. We are only allowed to go for a walk or exercise in our home town for now which makes me long for excursions like the one I'm posting about today even more...

Excursion to Alaró Castle

Before the lockdown started here in Spain, my boyfriend and I went for a long, beautiful day excursion to Alaró Castle in February. We left in the morning to make sure we won't meet too many people up by the castle. The charming town of Alaró is located in the middle of the island, not far from Palma de Mallorca. We parked our car outside of the town centre next to a road that led to the castle of Alaró which is located on a high, rocky mountain above the town. From there we started our excursion which took way longer than we expected, haha. After about one and a half hours we got to a popular restaurant which is called Es Verger. It's located in the mountains on the way to Alaró Castle and offers delicious typical Mallorcan cuisine. We didn't stop here though but kept walking all the way up to the castle. If you're a bit less adventurous or come with kids you can drive all the way up to the restaurant and park your car there to walk the rest to the castle. From the restaurant to the castle it took us about another hour. Luckily we packed some snacks and sandwiches so once we got to the castle we had a relaxing picnic. Even though it's an easy road up to the castle it's quite steep and exhausting at times so I welcomed a little bit of rest on top of the mountain.

Alaró Castle is made up of some ancient walls and ruins of what used to be an impressive castle. There is also a hilltop chapel and another restaurant/bar. From the top of the mountain you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views stretching across the whole island. The Serrra de Tramuntana in the back, the bay of Palma in the front and many mountains and forests to the left and right. I think Alaró Castle is my new favorite place here in Mallorca for stunning views and fun excursions. My photos really can't show how impressive the views from this place are. Miguel and I spent a good hour on top of the mountain taking in these views, exploring the ruins and resting. Our way down was of course a bit faster and my legs felt so sore once we reached our car, I could barely walk, haha.

If you should come to this area of Mallorca during any season except summer I warmly recommend this excursion. It may be challenging but believe me, the views will make up for the sore legs!

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