Saturday, April 30, 2011

Date with Free Willy and Flipper

Yesterday I dived into an amazing underwater world at Sea World San Diego. The shows were not only thrilling but also mesmerizing - with playful dolphins and breathtaking stunts by my favorite animals, killer whales. You can truly say that Sea World is entertainment at its best.
Nevertheless I watched the shows with mixed feelings. It's delightful to see the animals live and so close - I was even able to pet a dolphin, which was one of the greatest experiences I had in the US yet - but at the same time it's depressing to see them restrained in those tiny pools, having no chance to meet fellows, go hunting or to discover the endless wideness of the ocean. A couple of months ago I watched the movie 'The Cove' with my sister, which hit me really hard. I can highly recommend watching it because it exposes the truth about these kinds of parks and how the dolphins are captured. It really makes you think about the seemingly perfect world we live in...

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