Monday, November 21, 2011

A heart-pounding Fantasy - Fuerza Bruta

Yesterday I participated in one of the most fascinating, explosive and stunning offbeat shows I've ever seen - I had the luck to see Fuerza Bruta, which is an interactive show that combines dance, aerial tricks and aquatic acrobatics – a clublike spectacle which might get you wet ;-) The show started with an impressive performance by a man dressed in white - depicting 'Life as a Runway' by running on a treadmill in the darkened theatre – six feet off the ground. Other times he was confronted by a wall of cardboard, a blast of wind or a haze of rain. During the spectacle we were sprayed with water or set upon by actors smashing powdery Styrofoam blocks over our heads. :-D The booming electro music made everything even more special. The series of images of obstacles and liberation continued when a massive silver curtain flapped across the space swinging closer to our outstretched arms with each movement.
Most stunning of all was the full-size swimming pool floating over our heads, its transparent base allowing the diving dancers to be seen as they create mesmerizing effects in the water - unbound and unrestrained. Some visitors (including me) amused themselves by trying to grope the swimmers. ;-) It was a sheer sensory overload and remarkable performance! We were pushed into the middle of the show and forced to experience it with all our senses and very wetly.

This spectacle has to be seen to be believed!

Pump it up

Yep, I just had to touch it :-D

I'm so obsessed with this pic

Meeting actors during the show

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