Friday, November 11, 2011

Got a Secret, can you keep it? - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 - Part II

Kisses for my babe - Adam Levine and Anne V - via

The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is sort of like our Easter mixed with Christmas mixed with the day the ATM machine accidentally slips us an extra hundred by mistake. It's a great day, evening, overnight. No, not because Kanye West and Jay-Z really broke it down during the Fashion Show performance (…) but because of the massive mass of super hot lingerie supermodels called in from around the world to prance and dance and strut the runway at lingerie's largest annual celebration. - via

Miranda modeling the 2.5 million dollar bra

Maroon 5 rocking the runway

The gorgeous Adriana - via

PINK rocks

The show's finale

All pictures taken by me except for the marked ones -  I'm sorry for the bad quality of some pics, I wasn't allowed to use the flash and the girls were just running too fast ;-)

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