Monday, February 27, 2012

Enchanted by the Magic Gardens

Without a doubt - BREATHTAKING is the only appropriate word to describe this place we discovered in Philadelphia! Welcome to the Magic Gardens - the most impressive and aesthetic place in the city.
After visiting some historic landmarks in Philly we decided to explore something totally different - thus we landed in the Gardens, a mosaicked art environment created by the artist Isaiah Zagar.
The uniqueness and details of this huge artwork blew my mind the minute I stepped in. We were lead into fully tiled indoor spaces and a massive outdoor mosaic sculpture garden. Finding myself among statues, bicycle wheels, colorful glass bottles and hundreds of glittering mirrors, I was truly astonished and more than impressed by this overwhelming piece of art!
 My opinion about "Philly": A gorgeous, diverse city with loads of aesthetic and impressive buildings in a cool, laid-back atmosphere that reigns the city. The trip was a great chance to escape the big city life in New York but I honestly missed the crowds of people, the always present noises and the skyscrapers. I guess the Big Apple will always keep my heart ;-)

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