Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where them girls at?

I have no idea why, but for some reason the best parties in NYC start (and end) at Tenjune, our beloved nightclub in Meatpacking! This time we decided to go out both Friday and Saturday, pretty rare but it happens ;-) We had such a blast and I asked myself...damn, did I choose the wrong career?
Ok, I don't think I did to be honest. I like my job and love my blog - fashion, writing and creativity.
However, maybe I should have a friend teach me some promoting at clubs. Professional female promoters probably own 1,500 pairs of shoes! Excuse me but... that is bananas!
Enjoy the pics and check out the video, one of my favorite songs!

Get-together with Miss Universe

Saturday night at Marquee in Chelsea and, well, Tenjune again  ;-)


  1. Amazing blog, thanks for sharing xoxo

  2. You guys looked like you had the BEST time! Love it and your blog. Following you....come follow us back!
    We would love it. xxx Emily of EL Vintage

  3. wow love the dress... you just look sooooo stunning! great blog! xMarina

  4. vielen vielen vielen dank für deinen lieben kommentar,
    ich freu mich immer noch! ich bin erst 15, aber ich möchte
    auch mal nach new york ziehen. ich liebe großstädte einfach,
    vor allem paris, auch wenns viel kleiner ist, als new york. leider hab ich ny ja noch nicht gesehen.
    ich finde das echt toll, dass du einfach so beschlossen hast,
    dorthin zu ziehen.
    deine fotos sind wunderschön & das video zeigt die stimmung dort. :)
    xo from vienna. ♥

  5. WOW, was für Fotos! Wahnsinn! Und wie toll ihr alle ausseht, das ist ja die reinste Augenweide! : D

  6. hi! i just found your blog and so glad i did! this is such an amazing post and i loveee your photos! you just gained yourself a new follower! keep up the great work! If you have the time, we would appreciate it if you could check out our blog!


  7. Such lovely photos, looks like so much fun!
    LOVE the lace dress on you btw!

    Be Frassy

  8. danke für deinen lieben kommentar süße , hat uns wirklich sehr gefreut :))
    du hast einen tollen blog ! tolle bilder ! :)
    was hältst du von gegenseitigem verfolgen ?

    liebe grüße :** muah

  9. Nice pics, seems like you had a great night! The red lipstick suits you amazingly!



  10. Lovely photo's! Thank you so much for the lovely comment and the follow! I'm following you now as well!:) Xx


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