Friday, February 24, 2012

Heading to the Old City

Next stop in Philadelphia - the Old City. And I ask myself: Did I just leave the USA? Elfreth's Alley - Philadelphia's oldest residential street - totally reminds me of Germany or the Netherlands, I just can't help it. The historic cobblestones, tiny houses and colorful front-doors make this street a beautiful and cozy place - feels like home.
But our trip doesn't end here, back in Center City you can admire cute, tiny cupcake stores or brightly colored treasures on the gray streets!


  1. Such a cute little city!
    Your pictures are so funny and pretty at the same time, looks like you had a really good time :)
    p.s. thanks for the little part in French in your comment, it's nice to see :)

  2. All the hearts look so delicious! looks like you had fun.



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