Monday, March 12, 2012

Take me out

You most likely know this strange feeling - everything gets too much, you don't know what to do and how you feel. Life is not always on the upside and full of things you should do and you want to do. I lately have so many thoughts filling my head that I didn't have much time for blogging and not even for myself. I realized that I need to disburden my life a little and take some time off from all the stress. I guess I ran my batteries too low.

Just like Sam from Sam a la mode described one of my problems in a post: "It's a strange feeling to look at the bigger picture and realize that you're still so far away from your dreams, yet every step you take feels like the last step before reaching your goals. I've been self-reflecting lately since my life feels like it's in this stagnant area filled with doubts and crossroads." I feel like she took the words out of my mouth!

This is why I spent the weekend with my sister and some friends on Long Island - sometimes I just need a getaway! Thus we went to Huntington, a cozy city on the north shore of Long Island... and yes, it felt great to leave it all behind. All the stress, emotions and thoughts that were bothering me. Just getting out and back to nature, seeing something new and spending a few hours on a quiet beach was simply amazing and relaxing!

The "model face" :-D

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