Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Empire State so close

A couple of weeks ago I had my first "blogger-meeting" with my best friend Yasemin from Yandthecity and the adorable Luisa from Style-Roulette at one of New York City's most beautiful rooftop bars - 230 Fifth on guess what... Fifth Avenue!
We had such a great time chatting, laughing and enjoying the view, even though it was really chilly on the rooftop - that's why we went inside speedy quick ;-) The atmosphere just blew my mind thanks to the amazing view of the Empire State Building and the cozy bathrobes and heaters they set up around us on the rooftop. Unfortunately I couldn't post any pictures of Luisa yet, because we didn't have the chance to exchange our shots yet but I promise there will be another post about our meeting coming up soon.
Delicious cocktails, amazingly talented and funny girls who have exactly the same interests like me, plus a couch so soft I could fall asleep on it right away - what else can I ask for?

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