Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Excuse me Mr. DJ, you need to turn it up!

If you live in the USA you have most likely heard of LAVO - one of the most sought-after nightlife destinations in New York and Las Vegas, that is one of the top places to “dance and be seen”. So I just had to check it out after brunching at the Gansevoort rooftop.
You know I'm always being honest when it comes to reviewing nightclubs in New York City, sooo... even though a lot of A-listers and celebs party here, I was not totally blown away by LAVO. 
It's well attended by a very upscale crowd - lots of men in suits and glam girls. But still, not everyone in here is beautiful. Random elder businessmen (wannabe golden boys working on wall street) hanging out at a table with 19 year-old pretty girls (mostly models) - where you wonder, whaaat? 
As a matter of fact, the DJ's that come to LAVO are exceptional, the dancers are hot, and the lights are pretty sick. The club's size is decent (compared to the tiny underground clubs in Meatpacking) and the sound system is smashingly good. Anyhow, they only played house and electro music that very night - it was nice but not a place to dance as it seems. I liked the live acts though, they had a saxophone and drum player cheering up the crowd (watch the video).  
Fact is: I'm still in search of the ultra glam LAVO that I can dance at till sunrise, so I will definitely come back!

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