Saturday, June 23, 2012

J'adore Urban Outfitters

Dear fashionable readers, this one is for you - coolness, glamour, streetchic - Urban Outfitters! It's time for another post about one of the coolest shops in town (check out the other post here).  I can truly say that this store is one of my very favorites because of its eccentric clothes and accessories. If you're in search of fancy, non-standard items that add a glam rock touch to your outfit, check out this paradise!


  1. WOW lovely post! The first pair of shoes are absolutely stunning!:)XX

  2. Das ist wirklich ein cooler Laden =) tolle Sachen
    Liebe Grüße

  3. dankeschön :)
    bist ein richtig hübsches mädel! ... die schuhe auf dem ersten bild sind der hammer!

  4. First of all I adore your peach blouse!

    Secondly, I love Urban Outfitters but they're sooo pricey. I wonder if their clothes are cheaper in the U.S.?



  5. Ah, I'm absolutely loving all of the pictures - especially the shoes! I definitely wish I could shop at an UO more often and that it was cheaper!

  6. Cute outfit! Great post I love going to Urban Outfitters.


  7. i love the bag! it's so beautiful! and all the pictures too i'm following you (:

    where u from? are u studying?

    check my blog ;) !

    1. Hey sweetheart, thanks for following, I'm glad you like my blog (: I'm from Germany and work in the US since one and a half years. I would love to check out your blog too, but can't access your blogger profile, maybe you can send it to me (: xoxo from NYC


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