Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer in New York? Rooftop Party!

Dear lovely readers, I know you must think I party every single day. To be honest, this is not true, even though - if I browse my blog - it really does look like I do hang out at clubs each and every day. It IS true that there is a lot to celebrate in my mostly fabulous life but I'm also working every morning at 7am, so I save my weekends for checking out new clubs and bars. One reason why I post a lot about parties and clubs is that this is almost the only time I'm all dressed up nicely and consider myself as fashionable :-D Apart from that I love my boots and leggings hence I look pretty casual all the time.
Last Sunday my best friend Yasemin and I were invited to attend a brunch party (brunch at 6pm!) at the Plunge Rooftop Bar on top of the Hotel Gansevoort in Meatpacking which features a heated outdoor rooftop pool and awesome music year-round. Beautiful weather, stylish people, creative d├ęcor and watching the sunset over the Hudson River with my best friend - what else could I ask for?

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