Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer in New York? Rooftop Party!

Dear lovely readers, I know you must think I party every single day. To be honest, this is not true, even though - if I browse my blog - it really does look like I do hang out at clubs each and every day. It IS true that there is a lot to celebrate in my mostly fabulous life but I'm also working every morning at 7am, so I save my weekends for checking out new clubs and bars. One reason why I post a lot about parties and clubs is that this is almost the only time I'm all dressed up nicely and consider myself as fashionable :-D Apart from that I love my boots and leggings hence I look pretty casual all the time.
Last Sunday my best friend Yasemin and I were invited to attend a brunch party (brunch at 6pm!) at the Plunge Rooftop Bar on top of the Hotel Gansevoort in Meatpacking which features a heated outdoor rooftop pool and awesome music year-round. Beautiful weather, stylish people, creative décor and watching the sunset over the Hudson River with my best friend - what else could I ask for?


  1. Great paerty!!!

  2. You look lovely!! I love that skirt. Well, my boyfriend lives on St. Marks where there a lot of bars & resteraunts. 2 weeks ago we went to South Street Seaport and that was fun. I really want go to a rooftop party this summer. I do recommend St. Marks if you want a more casual (but still dressed up) time to relax with your friends. That is, if you havent already been there. This summer I want to explore the city (staycation) lol..

    Thanks for the comment :)


  3. Wow, seems amazing! I really love your outfit here!

  4. Looks like you had a great time :D

  5. Nothing wrong with working hard and playing hard! Is it weird that I love the orange leather seats?!

    If you don't mind me asking- where do you work? And did you get invited through work or through your blog? Sorry- I'm a nosey person haha!



  6. You look so lovely! Your outfit is too cute x

  7. I love your outfit!

    Thank you for visiting Blush. I am following you now!


  8. hmmm interesting post
    I have not heard of such a party :D but I think she's beautiful:)
    both are beautiful, dresses are beautiful:X
    your shoes are gorgeous, I like very much<3

  9. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey ! Das freut mich gerade total, dass ich deinen Blog gefunden habe .. Du bist ja die Freundin von Yandthecity :) Und dass ich sie auch hier finde, ui ui ui zwei Fliegen mit einem Schlag. Hatte mal mit ihr gemailt bezüglich des Auslandsjahres als Aupair, vllt erinnert sie sich noch daran. Ich wünsch euch viel Spaß, seid ihr aber nicht schon zurück ?
    Liebe Grüßeee :*

  10. sehr schöne, interessante Fotos :)
    schau doch mal bei mir vorbei, ich poste Fotos, die ich selbst geschossen habe von leckerem Essen bis hin zu Landschaft, Urlaubsbilder, alles mögliche eben :) würde mich freuen, wenn du neue Leserin wirst! :)

  11. aaah, das ist lieb von dir, danke schön! :)
    ja, das Essen ist auch sehr sehr lecker :)

  12. The third photo is such an eye-opener, Laura. Rooftops are always the perfect place to celebrate significant events. It’s nice to have fun in a place away from the loud noise of the city every once in a while, and just enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while hanging out with your friends.

    Otis  Kunkle

  13. Oh my goodness, this summer rooftop party looks spectacular. It is one of my favorite NYC venues and I have hosted a lot of parties over there. The night views here are just more enchanting. I would be celebrating my upcoming birthday too over there.

  14. That looks great! Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!


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