Friday, July 27, 2012

Catch me at Greenhouse, I'm a W.I.P!

What a night! Let me tell you this - you never know who you are going to meet when you celebrate your life in a New Yorker club. It's been a couple of weeks already since these shots were taken (my best friends Kim and Yasemin were still with me in the USA) but I didn't have the time to post the pictures until now.
In fact we were planning on going to the bar/club on top of the Standard Hotel called Le Bain. What a coincidence that it was closed on that day! Thus we decided to head to one of my favorite clubs - Catch. First guy I see walking in - no person other than Kim Kardashian's ex husband Kris Humphries! After chatting with him for a while at the Catch restaurant (he is such a nice guy), we met the famous German soccer player Michael Ballack at the club - now how weird is that? I've seen him playing so often and now I meet him at this club in NYC! That was not the best part of the night though, besides dancing next to Beyoncé's sister Solange Knowles, Chris Brown showed up and started partying at the table right next to us with his crew. Did I ever tell you how much I love New York City?
After checking out the clubs Greenhouse (hats off - great décor and music!) and W.I.P., my friends and I called it quits on this epic Monday night. Waking up the next morning I recalled every place we went to and all the people we met. You never know what to expect while out and about in Manhattan!

Loving Catch

Next stop - Greenhouse

Artwork at W.I.P.

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