Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just stop for a Minute and smile

Enjoying some relaxing moments with Kim and Yasemin, my soulmates for life, in the Meatpacking District is more than wonderful. After strolling through Greenwich Village we headed to this trendy neighborhood to rest for a little while and breathe in the amazingly fresh air in one of my favorite parks, the Highline, before going for a drink and delicious Crêpes at the renowned fabulous Standard Hotel. By then I knew that my girls would leave me soon, Kim lives in Los Angeles by now, where she's studying for the next three months, and Yasemin went back to our home country Germany about two weeks ago to start school there. Both departures broke my heart so this post is a very special one for me to reminisce about the last marvelous days we spent together in our beloved Big Apple!


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