Monday, July 2, 2012

Village Feeling

When it comes to my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan I would definitely say Greenwich Village is one of them, especially the West Village because it is so very different and unique in its own special way. What attracts me most to the Village is the diversity - every single house looks different (all in bright colors though), the one-of-a-kind boutiques hide little treasures, and you can find one after another cozy restaurant serving mouth-watering, tasty food. The people living in the area below 14th Street and west of Broadway seem to be creative and rebellious with a Bohemian touch, what else makes a fantastic neighborhood?
A couple of weeks ago I took Kim, my best friend, out to the Village for a very special occasion... I showed her the famous house of Carrie Bradshaw, known from so many episodes of the most glamorous and exhilarating show Sex and the City. Should I mention that we had a marvelous time?
Don't forget, my next post will be about the Meatpacking District where we hung out after exploring the, look forward to some photos of a very special bar ;-) For now, enjoy these shots!

Hi there, Carrie!

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