Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Love Letter to Henri

Dear Henri Bendel, I miss you! 
Honestly, I have never bought anything in your ultra glamorous store on Fifth Avenue - admiring all these tiny treasures you're hiding over there just by looking at them was simply enough for me! Let me tell you, strolling through your upscale specialty store was always a pleasure for me, I would spend hours in this spot taking pictures of all the fabulous things you offer. Entering your emporium I found myself in a wonderland, surrounded by glittering boxes, sparkling jewelry, unique books, splendid make up, delicate candy and the most amazingly dressed mannequins. This is why I dedicated a couple posts to you already.
I promise, as soon as I come back to New York (hopefully very soon) I'll visit you! Until then, keep on shining like a diamond illuminating the oh so glamorous Fifth Avenue!
Lots of love, Laura

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