Monday, January 21, 2013

I love chubby Bostonian Squirrels

Dear readers, I certainly understand your excitement about my New Yorker posts, truthfully the Big Apple is the best city in the whole wide world, hands down! Today you get to see some pictures of a totally different city though, a more relaxed city in New England - welcome to Boston! 
I spent a wonderful day in one of the United States' oldest cities discovering its treasures such as the beautiful harbors with their old ships, the lovely adorned buildings and the adorable parks! Plus, here are the breaking news - Bostonian squirrels are way more adorable than New Yorker ones so I couldn't help it - I just fell in love with them (and let me tell you, my boyfriend had a hard time pulling me away from them)! Hope you enjoy the pictures, I'm going to post some more soon!

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