Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are Bostonians nice People?

It's day two of "I know y'all love New York City posts but sometimes I need some change" thus you get to see another Boston post today ( I promise it's the last one). I honestly loved Boston, not only because the people are more relaxed over there but also friendlier than the allegedly rude New Yorkers. One example: We hopped into a cab in Boston and asked the driver to take us to the Prudential Tower, then decided (after driving for 15 min!) that we'd like to go for lunch somewhere first so we told the cab driver to go into a totally different direction - poor guy. Instead of complaining and getting angry he even recommended a fabulous place to us (most delicious steak ever) and eventually brought us there after driving around for 20 min because we couldn't find the restaurant! Ever since then I cherish Bostonian cabbies!
Dear New Yorker cab drivers, take that! Whenever I'm out in Meatpacking at night freezing like hell because it's the coldest winter ever, you deny taking me to the Bronx (ok, I understand this one) or even to some street in Manhattan, only five blocks away! Why are you even driving around in Meatpacking then? One night my girls and I had to stop EIGHT cab drivers before we found someone who took us home, what an angel! Another night one of my friends was so drunk we couldn't get him out of the cab! He eventually fell out (on the street), and instead of helping us get him up the cab driver got out and laughed his a** off staring at him.
I LOVE NEW YORK (and Boston)

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