Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dashing through the Snow

Being back in Germany - how does it feel like after not setting foot on German soil for two years? Well, being home is nice for a while, seeing my family and best friends again has been (and still is) awesome and believe me, I have a lot more things to talk about now after living in New York City for 24 months! However, there are still a couple things I truly miss about the USA - first of all I don't see any German people running around in sweatpants (unless they're really working out), I can't go shopping at 3am because all the stores are closed by 8pm, there are only 2 instead of 20 fast food restaurants in my area and the huge cars that reign the New Yorker streets were replaced by tiny Volkswagen cars. On top of that, all the party people are staring at us as if we got the Statue of Liberty tattooed on our foreheads when my girls and I sing our hearts out to Drake, Tyga and 2 Chainz. After 20 days in my hometown I finally got to see the sunlight that literally seems to disappear in the ever gray Germany! It's not the end of the world though because... I'm going back to New York City! Yep, heading over there at the end of February for a couple weeks so I'm super excited - winning!
For now, enjoy these pictures of me trying to make friends with the snow that were taken at a beautiful old German castle (older than the United States - built in 1271!) - by the way I live in the region that has one of the highest concentrations of castles and palaces in Germany, lucky me!


  1. Love your necklace!!!


    Julia from

  2. Klasse Eindrücke, wirklich schöne Bilder *_*

    Allerliebste Grüße,

  3. Dein Shirt isn Traum und ich finde es sehr sympathisch, dass du die Ecko Red Sneakers in Ehren behälst. Früher hat mal mein ganzer Kleiderschrank aus der Marke bestanden, good old hopper days! Von NY in die kartoffelige Einöde - stell ich mir auch als krassen Bruch vor. Ich krieg ja schon innere Unruhe, wenn die Bahnen hier Sonntags nur alle 10 Minuten fahren :D Aber bald biste ja wieder im Land der unbegrenzten Öffnungszeiten <3

  4. These are the prettiest shots!

  5. Great post :D

    I really like the pictures you took and the effect you used !

    Also your shirt is so COOL !!



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