Saturday, March 2, 2013

From the Netherlands to New York City

Aw guys, I'm so sorry I couldn't post much lately. Have been insanely busy in New York...
In New York? Yep, I'm back! I'm gonna spend five already unforgettable weeks in the Big Apple with all my friends. I already took some amazing street shots for you, went out to party last night and enjoyed a walk in Greenwich Village today, one of my favorite neighborhoods. I promise, you'll get to see the photos the next couple days.
Anyway, today you can enjoy some impressions of a totally different country - the Netherlands! Went on a weekend trip to visit our super friendly Dutch neighbors with my mom when I was in Germany - did you know that NYC was founded by the Dutch?  By the way, my internet doesn't work perfectly yet but I'll make sure to answer all your comments as soon as I can! Enjoy these pics for now ;-)
PS: The German magazine JOY is looking for the best fashion blog and you might think it's a joke after my last post, but I am participating! Would love your support (click here)!

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