Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good Morning Upper East Siders

Hey guys, I can only imagine how many of you were craving for a post like this one. Today I'm going to show you the place where Serena fights against all the rumors, where Blair throws her super fancy dinner parties and Chuck and Nate cruise around in their limos. Yep, that's it, the fabulous Upper East Side - welcome to Gossip Girl's world!
This is probably what most of you expect when coming to New York City - ultra glam luxury stores, posh girls à la Sex and the City, and the finest selection of shoes, dresses and food - everything a city girl's heart desires. However, there are only one or two neighborhoods similar to Gossip Girl's world in Manhattan, in fact most parts of the Big Apple are pretty cool and laid-back, with a touch of grunge and understatement - not all rich New Yorkers feel the need to show up in a Bentley.
Madison Avenue though, where I took all these pictures, is THE place to be for people dressed in (real) fur coats, wearing Tory Burch flats or Louboutin heels and carrying the tiniest puppy possible under their arm or in their Birkin bag... a shopping mecca for the "oh so rich and famous". Not so much my world but just like the rest of Manhattan - fabulous!

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